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Premium feeding /Baby weaning gift set

Premium feeding /Baby weaning gift set

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Introducing our Deluxe Silicone Feeding & Baby Weaning Gift Set, a complete solution to streamline mealtime for busy parents and introduce little ones to the joys of independent eating.

Crafted from premium silicone, each item in this gift set is thoughtfully designed to offer maximum convenience, safety, and functionality:

  1. Suction Plate: Our innovative suction plate stays firmly in place on any flat surface, preventing spills and thrills during mealtime. Its divided compartments encourage a balanced diet and make it easy to serve different foods without mixing.

  2. Suction Bowl: Say goodbye to sliding bowls with our suction bowl, designed to stick securely to highchair trays or tabletops. Its deep sides are perfect for containing messes, while the wide base provides stability.

  3. Spoon and Fork Set: Let your little one explore self-feeding with our ergonomically designed spoon and fork set. The soft silicone handles are easy to grip, while the gentle edges ensure safe and comfortable feeding.

  4. Snack Container: Keep snacks fresh and accessible on the go with our convenient snack container. Its secure lid prevents spills, making it ideal for outings, picnics, or simply snacking at home.

  5. Slippy Cup Cover: Transform any cup into a spill-proof sippy cup with our versatile silicone cup cover. Its flexible design accommodates various cup sizes, allowing for mess-free sipping wherever you go.

With our Deluxe Silicone Feeding & Baby Weaning Gift Set, parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that mealtime will be a breeze, whether at home or on the move. Give the gift of stress-free feeding and happy tummies with this all-in-one solution for growing families.

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